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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Three Dreams Come True In ~One Week 

Up North, one night when I lay down in the tent I was borrowing to watch the DVD playing on my laptop to rest just before going to bed. This was either Sunday night or Monday night. Happy comforting.

Thursday I went to a dating agency, and ended up joining it. When I went to leave, I got in my car and looked up. The woman I had just spent the last couple hours with came out, got in her car and left. I looked around, and it was all very familiar, the angled parking in a too narrow lot that only allowed for cars driving one way, the wierd street/sideway/parking lot corner, the buildings, even a tree. All from a dream from Years ago. It made me feel good.

This morning I went to ePrize to interview. And woah, not only was the inside just like the dream, but so much so. Down to colors (lots of purple), signs (they have a thing for swirlies with word that label what the room is used for), and wierd building arrangement: going up a floor to a common room, with a door in the back that went into a hall that lead into what seemed like the first floor of a whole other building where there was a high cieling and wierd offices a level up whose glass walls could be seen through but with no stairway up to them, a confusing non-stairway area behind me that seemed to somehow go up (because there's no way it could go backwards, that's where the common room is!), and beyond the high cieling area a small hall that lead to a little office.

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