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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Jordan Alexander 

...was born around 9:30pm CDT two months early by emergency c-section. He had a pluse for only a few minutes. His mother didn't come out of the anestetic in time to hold him alive.

The man (older than teenage) who caused his death was caught by the police in Illinois (where the accident occured) and given three tickets: one for driving recklessly in inclimate weather; one for not having insurance; one for not having a liscence. He was then let go.

Jordan Alexander is survived by an older sister Kyanna - 2 years old, his mother - 22 years old, his father 26 years old, his uncle - 17 years old, five grandparents, one great-grandfather, and a plethora of other relatives (aunt/uncle(s), great aunts and uncles, cousins, cousins once removed, a cousin twice removed,...). He is already sorely missed.


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