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Friday, August 29, 2003

Stressed? No. Too busy! 

Geez! I'm *sure* I'd be stressing, and would have been most of the day, if I haven't been SO BUSY today! I'm only realizing now because it's the first time I've had that I've had to wait for something to finish and I've had nothing else really to do...

I wanted to leave for MA just after 4pm today, but as we can all see, I dind't make it. Still had work I needed to get done her at work.

Then there was the whole "My new bank's debit card still hasn't arrived in the mail, and I was supposed to have it on Monday, and my old bank account is down to $1.60-ish and I have no actual cash of my own! There's plenty of money in my new account, but I can't get to it while I'm away without the debit card and because I'm running out of started checks! (Not that many places even accept starter checks)."

But, at least I managed to get my Aunt & Unlce's Grand Caravan last night, and get its way overdue oil change this morning (even though that did make me even later for work. I was already late to begin with trying to finish up my packing and spending a snippit of quality time with my cousins who are in from DC with their 1.5 year old son!)

So, hopefully I'll be one my way soon... very soon would be better! Though at this point I'll probably run into traffic... :p

And just as a note of something very random on this whole adventure I'm about to go on: I'm picking up the U-Haul trailer (I HOPE they have one available for me, oh God PLEASE?!) in Utica, NY! Lol, just gonna stop in and get it tomorrow as I pass by. :)

OH! That reminds me! I have to call them to find out the final details on that by 7!! Wish me luck *crosses fingers*


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