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Thursday, September 02, 2004

What I've discovered surfing the "Next Blog" button 

I have to admit I'm surprised by how many blogs in Spanish there are on blogger. Glad, but surprised, lol.

I finally came across one not in English or Spanish, it's in... um... whatever they speak in Malaysia (Malaysian? Doubtful.). But that's only one in dozens.

I also see how many standard blog templates there are out there now, a fact Emily commented on in her blog. Which reminds me: Emily, we need to change this layout. Especially if I end up using this as I keep thinking I will, but probably won't. :p

Here's some blogs I found I decided are worthy of note. Two I even commented on (or was it three?). Most of these are only worthy for their layout, but a couple are content worthy too.

- Love the little angel picture! Intrigued by the design. Not sure about blog content.

http://windchimewalker.blogspot.com/ - Hmm, well written, looks like it could use some more visitors. I commented.

http://melodee128.blogspot.com/ - OHHHHH! How cute! And looks like a good blog in general. I commented.

http://spangkie.blogspot.com/ - Great layout, really not so good blog.

http://myhypertextuallife.blogspot.com/ - Interesting layout, not sure I understand the blog.

http://chat-tolteque.blogspot.com/ - Don't care about the blog, here's a standard layout I actually REALLY like. Oh but hey, it's in French!

http://idontwanaknow.blogspot.com/ - Here's another one I'm not so sure about, but I liked the current blog entry.


I agree- the "next blog" button is really interesting. it's what brought me to your blog- nice blog btw. like the layout.  
Hey! Thanks for the nice comment. :)  

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