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Thursday, March 03, 2005

I wanna be like her 

Have you seen that commercial where a Groom and his groomsmen are huddled in a coat closet around a TV with drinks watching a football game? The Bride, with bouquet in hand and bridesmaids and others behind her, open the door to this spectacle. Clearly the wedding is ready to go, people have been wondering where the Groom and company are, and the Bride and crew have been looking for them. All the men look up with surprise and fear. The Bride's reaction? She looks around at all the men, looks at the screen, and as she pushes her way to the Groom she asks "What's the score?" The commercial then cuts to the product. When it comes back to the wedding party, the Bride is sitting on the Groom's lap with a drink in hand watching the game saying "How's our defense?". One of the groomsmen turns to the Groom at this moment and says "You're a lucky man." The Groom nods with a smile.

Yeah. :)

Of course, I know despite my best efforts or genuine interest, I'd not be happy at holding up my wedding. Just means I have to be sure NOT to schedule my wedding when there's a game on.


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