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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Only in Detroit. 

So picture it: driving along the freeway, you round a bend and see a sea of brake lights. All four lanes. You grumble as you pull to the right lane (your exit is only a mile up!) and quickly brake as well, easily coming to a stop without hitting anyone. And then you stay there. This isn't stop and go traffic, it's wait and crawl. You look down the breakdown lane to see if you can see far enough ahead to determine the problem, or more likely to see if the lane is clear enough that you can drive to your exit. It's not. And the problem is construction, of course. What do you do?

Well this morning, I looked down the breakdown lane trying to decided if I wanted to risk having to dodge construction signs in my Little SUV. You will Never guess what I saw! There was an entrance ramp that merged with the freeway only several car lengths ahead of me, and cars were pulling out of freeway traffic onto to the ramp and going backwards up it! They weren't backing up it slowly either, they were zooming along up to the road above as if it was their right. Some people even turned their cars around and drove up it like it was an exit ramp! No care or worry about anyone trying to use it to get *on* the freeway, it's actually purpose.

This isn’t the first time I've seen something like this out here. Though the other times it has been people bailing out of the express lanes to the local lanes backwards down the entrance, which isn't actually a ramp like today. I've not seen anyone getting off the expressway with this method before without police telling them to do so!


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