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Saturday, September 20, 2003

A Title For Me? 

How about part of it being:

- Fearless Leader
- Sword of Truth

Hmm... that's all I've been able to come up with so far, that one line as the other is from Emily! Lol. Kinda sad?

Oh! I forgot one of my long time nicknames!

- Miss Michigan

Here's another from Emily, it's really good too!

- Keeper of Dreams

And, one I've been thinking about recently:

- The Purple Ranger

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Dear Diary... 

So I started a Dream Diary this morning. Although, lol, it's just a book sized brown paper bag so far! For some reason yesterday I *really* had the desire to start one. I was thinking of walking up to that bookstore again, the one I went to on Sunday and got the "Magician's Companion" and that intro book on Cryptology, and seeing if there was a nice empty book I could buy to make my Dream Diary. But I didn't go for two reasons. One, I think I remember them only having those leather bound ones that every store has with the pretty imprint designs on them that are always so expensive. Plus, I really don't want a leather bound book, not fond of leather. Two, I'm pretty notorious with myself for getting gung-ho about something and starting it and then dropping it pretty quickly for the next "Oo! Oo!" idea I get. So I figure getting a cool book to be my dream diary will be only if I keep up with this for more than at least a couple nights. Of course, the problem is that brown paper bag is pretty marked up now, lol, not much room left. So I'm at least going to have to get a plain pad of paper to keep by my bedside.

This morning I spent nearly ten minutes, first just holding as as fast as I could to the dream right after I woke up (which included turning off the alarm clock as fast as possible as I realized the song was taking my attention away from what I had dreamed and I was gonna loose those memories if I didn't concentrate on catching them), by quickly going through in my mind what I had dream, just the highlights really. Then I started writing quickly so as not to loose the details behind those highlights I managed to remember right after I woke up.

Interestingly enough - I had to start with the last part(s) of my dream, the most recent one, but that helped lead me back to what came before, kindof like when you backtrace how you got to a certain point in a conversation - the more I wrote, the more I ended up remembering! Even as I went backwards, I could barely remember anything about the earlier part of my dream, but as I worked back to it more and more came back.

I probably dreamed a lot more before just what I ended up remembering to write down. But this Diary experiment should help me get better with holding on to those, especially if I write them down when I wake up in the middle of the might before I go back to sleep! Lol.

I'm hoping this will help me dream more/remember better, with the specific end goal (what I REALLY want) of being able to Lucid dream again.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Get on AIM at school! 

Hey, guess what I remembered today! There's a way to use AIM without downloading it! Lol, it's been so long since I've needed to use it that I just forgot! I sought out the like today, here it is for you:


I know I won't be seeing you on from school today (Get Well Soon!), but for future reference. ;)

Thursday, September 04, 2003

When I don't deserve it 

Jen has proved her value of as a friend, more than her weight in gold, platinum, latinum, or weapons grade radioactive materials on the black market. Even when I don't deserve it, she's there for me, with comfort and support. Jen, Thank you. *HUGS*

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Dreams Come True 

This is just to cataloge all the recent coming trues of dreams I've had.

For those who don't know, I dream alot. I like to sleep because I dream a lot, and usually my dreams are nice or good or fun or random or at the least odd. Rarely are they unsettling, and I almost never have nightmares anymore.

But more importantly, I was about to say: For those who don't know, I sometimes have what are termed "precog dreams". I dream of places and then later (usually just a couple years), I find myself in those places.

As a minor, yet odd (imo), note, I've noticed that the dreams pretty much only come true during the summer. I would say always, but I am 24 years old and can't remember *everything*, so it's possible one hasn't, but I don't believe so. I say this is odd because Summer is my least favorite season, as well as opposition season (via Elementalism). But a friend pointed out a month or two ago how strong I actually am with Fire (which is the element of Summer), and I've known for a couple years now that I am attuned with Fire (lol, that was a surprise to me when I discovered that, remind me to tell you sometime), so I suppose it's not so strange that I precog about Summer events, just seems a bit odd to me is all.

Anyways, this summer here's what I got:
When agonizing over the whole move to Michigan thing there were two.
-In my Father's kitchen ... (I wrote down the details in case I forgot, which I have done, so I'll fill this in later)
-While on the phone with the COO of my new company (ditto)
When driving from MA to MI two days before I started my new job
-At a rest stop, the layout inside with the gift shop in the curved wall of what would be a T intersection if the wall was straight and the gift shop closed up with metal almost chain-like gateing. And then the small entrance to the Trucker's area, with a tv lobby behind glass walls on the left and a smaller tv area behind glass walls on the right, which had a brown-ish pho-leather couch sitting perpenticular to the tv that was mounted on the non-glass wall which I used to stretch my back by bending backwards over the arm of the couch and letting gravity do it's thing.
When condo hunting in Royal Oak
-The light blue painted kitchen with the dining room as part of it (instead of part of the living room as usual) and a door to a very small bathroom in the short wall in one corner of the kitchen that was at 45 degree angles to the kitchen's walls (making the bathroom three sided).
-The finished attic (which I will fullu describe later as that's a long one to type up!)
---As a note, this last one was in a dream from many many years ago, like when I was a child, or rather a young teen... very wierd for one to have come true from so long ago, until now they have come true within just a few years.

I think that was all this summer, for now anyways. Calendar wise summer may be over as Labor Day is passed, but actually Summer runs from June 21st to September 21st.

Minor Ramble 

Okay, I've decided it's time to do what I've been meaning to for a long time, and use this blog for one of the major reasons (on my part at least) that it was created for. Lol, now let's see if I actually get around to it. But hey, I've gotten this far, so at least this is another step!

Let's get esoteric!

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